Wall Text Pameran Tunggal Indieguerillas "Happy Victim"

Tanggal Publikasi : 2010
Deskripsi :

Known for their combination of pop culture aesthetics, playful social commentary and use of traditional Javanese story telling motifs indieguerillas (made up of Indonesian husband and wife duo Miko Bawono and Santi Ariestyowanti) present their latest solo exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore. HAPPY VICTIMS sees the pair focus on the ongoing social malaise associated with Capitalism: greed. The prevalence of aspirational economic values has meant that we can become, as Indieguerillas comment, ‘happy victims’ of consumerism. Beset with desires for the latest products and lifestyle marketing to symbolise our success, contemporary society is in a constant state of spectacalised consumption. The exhibition, through indieguerilla’s signature style of acid colours, graphic lines and memorable characters, wryly conveys this social love affair with material culture.

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