Speed Drawing 'Sejarah Seni Rupa Modern Indonesia'

Tanggal Publikasi : 10 Desember 2015
Deskripsi :

This speed drawing video was made for Archive Exhibition at Rotunda Room, at National Gallery Singapore, "Patah Tumbuh, Hilang Berganti: Notes and Visual Documentation on Indonesian Modern Art c. 1857 - c. 1965". Exhibition open for public started from November 24th, 2015, ongoing until 2017.

Illustrator Prihatmoko Wicaksono

Art Director Anang Saptoto

Editor Rifqi Mansyur Maya

Cameramen Anang Saptoto, Dwi Rahmanto, Rifqi Mansyur Maya

Images and audio samples were recreated from various documentation. Digital version of images and audio are available for access via IVAA Online Archive. Additional permission is necessary to further use of such, particularly documents generously contributed to IVAA by the following individual and institution:

Adrian Vickers

Aminudin TH. Siregar

Ireng Laras Sari and family

Jakarta Arts Council

John Clark

Kartika Affandi and family

Mia Bustam and family

Mikke Susanto

Museum Universitas Pelita Harapan and Amir Sidharta

National Gallery of Indonesia

Thomas Berghuis

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